Small Groups

Small Groups are designed to cultivate discipleship and mission in the context of authentic community.

  • Explore the life of Jesus and the life of The Church.

    Tuesdays / 7pm / Upstairs McAllister's Deli  

    Meets weekly during the UNC School Year

  • For parents young, old, expecting and experienced!

    Sundays / 5:30pm / The Foundry

  • An authentic circle of friends challenging each other toward growth in grace.

  • Facing the difficulties of marriage together as we grow in our relationships with Christ and our partners. Studying marriages found in scripture.  

  • LOVE Recovery is a 12-step, weekly meeting of the Love Chapel Hill Addiction Recovery Fellowship. A place for fellowship, support, acceptance and help for recovery from addictions.

    Every Thursday / 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. / CEF - 108 West Rosemary Street

  • Unfiltered and honest conversation about Scripture and it's implications for men today.

  • Seeking answers in scripture as we discuss various theological and philosophical topics.

    Meeting at a local bar, this group is not only discusson based, but intentionally incarnational. 

    1st and 3rd Sundays of the month / 5:00pm / The Station in Carrboro.

  • Guys of all ages starting their day together in prayer and conversation. 

    Tuesdays / 7:30am / Merritt's Store and Grill.