Our Name is Our Mission: 

Love Chapel Hill with the Heart of Jesus


Our marks are who we are. 

They represent the defining culture of our church and the Kingdom. 

Vision paints a picture of where you hope to end up someday. 

But culture is who you are right now. Culture drives the decisions you make today. 


We have made our home downtown on Franklin Street, putting down roots in the cultural and historic heart of the community. By grace, we are becoming a reflection of Franklin Street: an eclectic collision of college students and homeless friends; couples and families and professionals; artists, activists and academics. Beautifully diverse. Comically chaotic. Snapshots of the Kingdom claiming new ground.


We believe that the most eloquent articulation of The Gospel is a love that gives itself away. Love is more than our name. It is our mission, the very essence of who we are and everything we do.


This is where the rejected are embraced, the outsiders are the insiders, and the forgotten are the first thought. Those who have no other place in this world find their place with us.


We understand that all we have is a gift from God. In response, we will trust Him to provide for our needs as He uses us to provide for those in need. We aim to live simply, give generously, and put our money where our mission is. 


We believe that grace has the strength to work its way into every corner of who we are, leaving no part untouched and unchanged. We preach, expect, experience and celebrate real transformation in the real lives of real people. We are an experiment in grace. Let's see where this adventure takes us.


We are a collective of future pioneers, commissioned to multiply disciples and transformation in the thick of culture, by the power of the Holy Spirit. According to The Great Commission, we are not fully disciples until we make disciples. If we are not missionaries, maybe we still need one. Full discipleship involves The Call (come, follow me), The Cost (lay down your life, take up the cross), and The Commission (go, make disciples).