What is a Discipleship Band?

A discipleship band is a group of three to five people who read together, pray together, and meet together to become the love of Jesus for one another and the world. 

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What do Bands do?

-Bands pray together

-Bands meet together (Virtually or In-person pending the comfortability and ability of the members)

-Bands read together

-Bands grow together

What happens in a Band meeting?

Bands meet either weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly with a goal to grow in relationship with each other in community and go deeper in relationship with Jesus. 

A Band Meeting circles questions to inspire growth in loving with the heart of Jesus for each other and the world. 


-How is your soul?

-What are your struggles and success?

-How might the Spirit and Scriptures be speaking in your life?

(When the members feel comfortable to go deeper ask)

-Do you have any sin that you want to confess?

-Are there any secrets or hidden things you would like to share?

Close in prayer. 

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