Thank you for being one of our amazing “alumni” -- folks who have spent time worshiping with us in Chapel Hill who are now sprinkled across North Carolina, the U.S., and the world. We are reaching out for your help to continue to love Chapel Hill with the heart of Jesus.

Love Chapel Hill’s “financial model” shouldn’t work on paper, but the Lord continues to provide in amazing ways. We are asking you to continue to be a part of this story through our Alumni Giving Campaign. We hope to reach $2,500 a month from our alumni community (that is 50 people at $50/month or 100 at $25 per month) to help us continue to support the mission of Love Chapel Hill by the end of 2023.

You make us who we are.

  • Love is a sending church. The whole world comes to Chapel Hill, and people leave from Chapel Hill to the whole world. We are so grateful we had the chance to be in community together while you were here. There are over 1,000 receiving this email who have passed through our “church doors” in the Varsity!
  • Love is an incarnational church – putting on flesh and moving into the neighborhood. Our doors (along with coffee and bagels) are open to anyone in the Chapel Hill community, whether they’ve ever been to church before or not, whether they are currently housed or not, and whatever questions they have about Jesus. We strive to provide care that meets people’s physical needs and allows them to encounter the immense love Jesus has for them. 
  • Love is a giving church. We give 20% of what we bring in to community organizations, church planting, and other churches to ensure that we follow the call of Jesus; to serve as He served. We strive to meet people’s needs, whether it be helping them secure housing or handle a car repair or supporting new church communities serving communities all across the U.S.

More than anything, we are grateful to have you in our community. Regardless if you are able or choose to join this campaign, please keep our church in your prayers, and reach out to us if there are ways we can be praying and supporting you. If you are facing financial difficulties, you can also reach out to Justin ( for information on support both from our congregation and partner organizations. 


Every morning we greet people off Franklin Street with coffee and bagels, and we'd love to share that same connection with our alumni. Everyone who signs up for the campaign ($50/month) will receive a Love Chapel Hill mug and a bag of the same coffee we brew on Sunday mornings. If you want a mug but are unable to donate, feel free to reach out to us!


Lots of ways to GIVE!

We now have a Venmo option @LoveChapelHill

Give a one-time or recurring gift online by debit/credit or ACH payment.


You can also use your phone to give by txt.

Txt "GIVE" to 919-887-9577

Give a one-time or recurring gift using PayPal? 

GIVE via PayPal

Want to mail a check? Send to:

Love Chapel Hill

PO BOX 3573

Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Want to donate stocks? 

We use a service called: STOCK DONATOR

Shop on Amazon? 

A portion of every purchase could go to support LCH if you use Amazon Smile